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$104,000 workers’ compensation settlement

Our client, a medical assistant, was attacked by a mentally unstable patient. She suffered neck, eye, ear and head injuries.

$280,000 workers’ compensation settlement

A grocery checker/department head worked at a large grocery market for over 18 years. Over years of working on check out duty, she began to slowly develop pain and discomfort in her shoulder. She was treated for repetitive motion injuries.

$320,000 workers’ compensation settlement

Our client, a commercial truck driver, was traveling along a highway when a vehicle suddenly cut in front of him. Our client began to break just as the truck hit ice on the road. The truck slid sideways and off the highway down an embankment.

$82,600 workers’ compensation settlement

A construction worker was assisting with a concrete project when a large thick metal plate, used to cover a hole, fell against his leg, breaking it as well as injuring his back. He was treated and recovered.

$110,000 workers’ compensation settlement

A utility tower technician suffered from a fall at work and injured his neck, shoulder, and knees. After recovery he began to suffer from post-traumatic stress, and was unable to make the transition back to the same line of work.

$70,000 workers’ compensation settlement

Our client, a farm laborer, was being driven in a van to work when they were hit by another driver who failed to stop at a stop sign. He suffered from a broken ankle, fractured ribs and other soft tissue injuries.

$900,000 workers’ compensation settlement

A factory worker fell and suffered multiple injuries to his back, neck and arms. He decided to negotiate with the insurance company on his own and they offered him $200,000.00 settle the case. The injured employee decided to retain our services and we negotiated a settlement of $900,000.00

$475,000 workers’ compensation settlement

A foreman was inspecting another employee's work and fell from a scissor lift. Although he followed the safety precautions, he suffered from compound fractures, neck and back injuries. We successfully negotiated his case and the settlement took care of his lost wages, medical bills and future medical costs.

$140,000 workers’ compensation settlement

Our client, an administrative assistant, was injured while trying to restrain a customer in her office who became violent with another employee. She suffered from soft tissue injuries to the shoulder, neck, elbow and wrist.

$185,000 workers’ compensation settlement

A  delivery driver was in his truck on the way drop off packages when he was broadsided by another vehicle who ran a red light. He sustained multiple injuries to his neck, back shoulder and arms which took him out of work for several weeks while he recovered. We got him a settlement that took care of his lost wages, paid the medical bills and future medical costs. 

$400,000 settlement for a client who was hit by an uninsured motorist

Our client was on her way to work approaching an intersection. Another driver, who was on his cell phone, did not notice the stop sign and failed to stop. He drove through the intersection and broadsided our client's vehicle causing her back and head injuries.

$100,000 pedestrian vs. auto accident settlement for a pedestrian hit while crossing the street

A 55 year old woman was walking in a crosswalk when a vehicle attempting to make a right turn failed to stop, and hit her. Her rotator cuff was torn and her knee was injured.

$300,000 settlement for a stress induced heart attack due to a motor vehicle accident

A 62 year old woman was hit by another vehicle but the other driver refused to stop to exchange information. Our client took the license information and called 911. As she was on the phone, she began to experience chest pain and discomfort. EMS arrived and our client was taken to the hospital where she later recovered. Police caught up to the driver who was further down the road.

$75,000 settlement for an Underinsured Motorist accident

Our client was driving on a street while visiting family in the San Jose area. She came to a stop for a light when her vehicle was suddenly rear ended. The force of the collision exasperated her previous back injury.

$25,000 settlement for a two children hit by a car

Our clients, two children, were riding their bicycles to their elementary school and began to cross a street. The driver of a vehicle was texting, and did not see the children in the street. The vehicle attempted to stop, but was unable to avoid hitting them. Fortunately, our clients only suffered minor injuries.

$75,000 settlement for a slip and fall accident at a south valley market

Store staff failed to clean a beverage spill by a fountain machine. Our client purchased a soda and was attempting to fill his cup when he stepped in the puddle, and slipped causing him to fall to the floor injuring his neck, upper back and lower back.

$100,000 settlement for a slip and fall accident in a north valley grocery store

A refrigerator in a large super market chain malfunctioned and was slowly leaking water on the floor. Our client was shopping for groceries when she stepped on the wet surface, slipped and fell fracturing her tail bone.

$1 million settlement

On behalf of dependent adult abused and neglected in a group home for mentally disabled adults.

$600,000 medical malpractice settlement

A twenty-six year old went to the hospital to have her gallbladder removed. During the surgery the doctor improperly preformed the laparoscopy. After a few days she went into liver failure. Several attempts to save the liver failed and she underwent a total liver transplant. The settlement covered her past lost wages, future medical care, paid her medical bills and provided compensation for her pain and suffering.

$250,000 medical malpractice settlement

Fifty-four year old suffered a fall and was taken to the hospital for an extended recovery. While under their care, he developed blood clots, which is now a permanent condition, because the hospital’s nursing staff failed to follow the doctor’s orders in implementing preventative measures.

$450,000 medical malpractice

Seventy-two year old suffered a fall in the shower which caused a subdural hematoma. She was taken to the hospital where a neurosurgeon placed in a drain. The neurosurgeon, however, failed to properly place the drain after procedure, causing a second subdural hematoma.

$220,000 medical malpractice settlement in wrongful death of child

A three-year-old child was taken to the hospital three times within a few days with flu like symptoms. After being examined by the hysician’s Assistant, the child was sent home each time. The child was brought to the hospital the final time, however it was too late. The Physician’s Assistant failed to properly diagnose a heart condition.

$450,000 medical malpractice settlement

A Radiologist that failed to report cancerous tumor identified on an x-ray. Several years later, another x-ray revealed that the tumor had grown and become malignant spreading to various organs.

$20 million judgment for a severe burn injury

Fifty year old was badly burned over 75% of his body when someone negligently started a fire using an accelerant which quickly grew out of control and engulfed him in flames.

$550,000 medical malpractice settlement

A Radiologist failed to identify a tumor which was imaged on an MRI.

$2 million settlement for wrongful death

Two migrant workers were driving home from work, when a truck failed to stop at an intersection killing them both.

$29 million judgment for wrongful death

A family of five died when a business failed to adequately maintain and ensure safety equipment was operating properly.

$3.4 million settlement for insurance broker negligence

A business owner was sold an insurance policy which, she was told, had the coverage required. Several years later, when an accident occurred, the business owner discovered that the insurance broker sold her the wrong coverage, which left her, as well as her business at risk.

$5.5 million settlement for insurance bad faith

An insurance company wrongly denied a claim for coverage when someone was badly injured in an accident that occurred on the homeowner’s property.

$1.9 million wrongful death settlement

Twenty-five year old wife and mother was killed while taking her two children to pre-school when she was broadsided by a commercial truck. Her children suffered injuries, however, they recovered.

$50,000 elder abuse settlement

Nursing home was negligent in their care by failing to properly and timely change an 82 year old mother, which caused her to have painful open sores.

Seven figure confidential elder abuse settlement

A nursing home failed to properly care for a 75 year old man, and as a result he suffered from multiple infections as well as debilitating bed sores.

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