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Workers' Compensation

What is “Workers Compensation?” These are benefits and rights available to an employee when they are injured on the job where the employee MAY BE ENTITLED UP TO $4,650 PER MONTH in wage replacement benefits as well as MEDICAL COST BENEFITS.  We represent workers with ALL types of work related injuries. Not all on-the-job injuries happen at one moment in time as with slips and falls, crush injuries, cuts, punctures, broken limbs or in some cases even accidents in a vehicle going to and from work. Sometimes an injury can occur slowly over the course of several days, weeks, months or years such as with carpel tunnel syndrome or many other types of repetitive motion injuries. These develop for employees who have work that ranges from office jobs with typing, sitting, and filing, to factory work assembling equipment, moving boxes, driving heavy equipment and sorting merchandise.  Our firm has the skill and expertise needed to guide you through the Workers’ Compensation process to get the best possible result for your case.

What is your case worth? Every case is different, so we would need to know your specific situation. Contact us for a FREE CONSULTATION. Some of our most recent examples include:

  • $900,000 Workers’ Compensation settlement of a factory worker who suffered multiple injuries to his back, neck and arms. The insurance company offered him $200,000.00 directly to settle the case. The injured employee retained our services and we negotiated a settlement of $900,000.00. He was able to have money for future medical care, lost wages, and the medical bills were paid; he was also compensated for wages he missed out on in the future because of the accident.
  • $475,000 Workers’ Compensation settlement for a foreman who fell from a scissor lift. Although he followed the safety precautions, he suffered from compound fractures, neck and back injuries. We successfully negotiated his case and the settlement took care of his lost wages, medical bills and future medical costs.
  • $320,000 workers’ compensation settlement –a commercial truck driver was traveling along a highway when a vehicle suddenly cut in front of him. Our client began to break just as the truck hit ice on the road. The truck slid sideways and off the highway down an embankment.
  • $280,000 workers’ compensation settlement – a grocery checker/department head worked at a large grocery market for over 18 years. Over years of working on check out duty, she began to slowly develop pain and discomfort in her shoulder. She was treated for repetitive motion injuries.
  • $185,000 Workers’ Compensation settlement for a delivery driver who was broadsided by another vehicle. He sustained multiple injuries to his neck, back shoulder and arms. His injuries took him out of work for several weeks while he recovered. We got him a settlement that took care of his lost wages, medical bills and future medical costs.
  • $140,000 workers’ compensation settlement –an administrative assistant was injured while trying to restrain a customer in her office who became violent with another employee. She suffered from soft tissue injuries to the shoulder, neck, elbow and wrist.
  • $110,000 workers’ compensation settlement –a utility tower technician suffered from a fall at work and injured his neck, shoulder, and knees. After recovery he began to suffer from post-traumatic stress, and was unable to make the transition back to the same line of work.
  • $104,000 workers’ compensation settlement – a medical assistant was attacked by a mentally unstable patient. She suffered neck, eye, ear and head injuries.  
  • $82,600 workers’ compensation settlement – a construction worker was assisting with a concrete project when a large thick metal plate, used to cover a hole, fell against his leg, breaking it as well as injuring his back. He was treated and recovered.
  • $70,000 workers’ compensation settlement –a farm laborer was being driven in a van to work when they were hit by another driver who failed to stop at a stop sign. He suffered from a broken ankle, fractured ribs and other soft tissue injuries. 

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