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Rene F. Zuzuarregui

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Rene F. Zuzuarregui's experience, and high value results have made him an expert in Workers' Compensation matters, on-the-job injuries, construction injuries, and farm related injuries.


Mr. Zuzuarregui began practicing law in 1990 and has extensive legal experience in Workers' Compensation and on-the-job injuries. With a Master's Degree in Social Work, his passion is to ensure fair treatment and superior results for injured workers.

Mr. Zuzuarregui is a member of CAAA (California Applicants Attorneys' Association), which is the most powerful, and most knowledgeable legal voice for the injured workers of California. He also served as the Vice President of the Fresno chapter of CAAA.


  • Bachelor's Degree of Business Administration from the University of Arizona (1975)
  • Master's Degree of Social Work from San Jose State University (1978)
  • Juris Doctor from Santa Clara University (1989)


  • State Bar of California (1990)
  • Fresno County Bar Association
  • Member of the California Applicants Attorneys' Association, the most powerful and most knowledgeable legal voice for the injured workers of California.

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